Updated teleworking resources  

As many in King County continue to telework, KCIT has updated its guidance and resources to ensure a positive experience for everyone. Learn more by visiting the KCIT King County Telework Resources website (SharePoint). For help with a technical issue or problem, contact the KCIT Helpdesk or call 206-263-4357 (3-HELP). 

Your new Phish Alert Button

On Monday, May 18, King County employees received a County-approved email from do-not-reply@kingcounty.gov about the new Phish Alert Button that has been added to Outlook so you can quickly and easily report suspicious emails that may be phishing attacks. The email also advised you that have been enrolled in “Phish Alert Button” training. If you haven’t already done so, please make sure you complete the training to help keep King County safe and defend against cyber-attacks. Most employees received the email Monday morning (see image below). How will it work? All Outlook email… Read More

Tech Tip: Virtual meeting tips

When you work remotely, you have options for video conferencing. Here is what you need to know to get started: Skype for Business Skype for Business is King County’s standard solution for video conferencing and should meet your needs in most cases, especially for meetings of less than 250 attendees. We have a site which can answer many of your Skype questions: Skype for Business (SharePoint) Skype works well when communicating both internally and externally—just send an invitation. It’s a comprehensive voice, meeting, presentation and collaboration platform all in one. It’s our county… Read More

Tech Tip: Changing your password and updating your computer when working remotely 

King County Information Technology (KCIT) has developed two documents that explain how to change passwords and receive Windows updates while working remotely on a King County device. Both processes require employees to use VPN AnyConnect. Employees should submit a HelpDesk ticket if VPN permissions are needed.  How to change your password when remote  How to receive Windows updates when working remotely  KCIT’s Telework site has more information to help employees work remotely. Contact the KCIT Help Desk if needed at 206-263-4357 or https://helpdesk.kingcounty.gov. 

Tech Tip: Guidance for security while telecommuting 

As employees adjust to the impacts of COVID-19, there is a need for additional guidance on how to improve cyber security defenses while working from home. Please review the attached Telecommute Security Guidance document which includes a short video about how to create a cyber secure home, as well as other recommendations. The video can also be seen below.  It is important to make sure King County employees are extra vigilant against cybersecurity threats so that KCIT’s main focus can continue to be on helping employees, not addressing security issues. Please stay vigilant for phishing or other scams attempting to use keywords related to COVID-19, coronavirus, Wuhan and other related topics, as there has been an increase in this type… Read More

Update your emergency contact information in PeopleSoft

It’s important to review and update your personal contact information in PeopleSoft in case we need to urgently reach you or your emergency contact. By making sure your information is current: Your emergency contact can be notified if something happens to you at work. Someone at King County can reach you with information about building closures, safety directives, and other time-sensitive issues. You can receive information at the email address and phone number you prefer. Here’s how: Sign in to PeopleSoft. You can also access PeopleSoft from home: ess.kingcounty.gov. Go to Personal Details… Read More

Protecting network security during COVID-19  

During this COVID-19 outbreak, please be extra careful when accessing external sources of information. Fake coronavirus website and emails have been identified, and can compromise our network security if accessed. Please do not share links that have not been approved by county leadership. King County will share the latest information with employees from Public Health via its website www.kingcounty.gov/COVID and blog www.publichealthinsider.com, and our official communications channels. 

Tech Tips: Using Skype successfully 

KCIT is committed to ensuring all eligible employees can efficiently telecommute. That means using Skype to make calls and conduct your meetings virtually on County-owned devices like laptops and tablets. Many are already using this valuable tool daily, while it may be new to others.   Here’s what you need to know to get started:                                                     If you use Microsoft Office 365 on your King County device (laptop, tablet, etc.) you are good to go to conduct Skype calls/meetings. You do not need VPN access and no further permissions are needed.    If you haven’t used Skype… Read More

Important notice regarding Microsoft Teams and Planner tools

Background:  King County must make changes to Office 365, resulting in updates to the Microsoft Teams and Planner tools. These changes will improve the stability and security of Office 365. The changes are required by Microsoft. If you use Teams or Planner:  You should not edit your Teams and Planner sites from Feb. 1 until at least Feb. 18 or later. No changes can be saved during this period. You’ll still be able to access your documents and files by navigating through SharePoint to the file location. Continue to edit your documents through… Read More

KCIT update: Transitioning to Windows 10 

The push to upgrade all Windows 7 operating system computers to Windows 10 operating systems continues, and King County Information and Technology (KCIT) is on track to meet a Jan. 14 Microsoft deadline. On that date, Microsoft will stop supporting the Windows 7 system. Only a limited number of county devices will be allowed to continue with the Windows 7 system, as they run specialized software not compatible with the Windows 10 system.  Because of the switchover to Windows 10, KCIT will not allow devices with the Windows 7 system to connect… Read More