Open enrollment information is in the mail

Dear King County Employee:

If you’re eligible for benefits with the County, begin checking your home mailbox for important information about this year’s benefits open enrollment, which will run Nov. 1 – Nov. 15.

While you’re waiting for open enrollment to begin, you can get ready by:

  • reading the information you’ll be receiving, and
  • updating the password for your PeopleSoft account if you haven’t logged in to PeopleSoft recently.

Every 90 days, PeopleSoft requires you to update your password. To do so, go to and follow the instructions. Call 206-263-4357 if you need help.

It’s also never too early to begin thinking about enrolling or re-enrolling in a health care or dependent careflexible spending account (FSA) for next year. Your contributions to an FSA are deducted from your paycheck before-tax, which offers you tax savings that help offset your costs. Learn more at

If you have questions after your receive your open enrollment information or if you need help during open enrollment, please call us at 206-684-1556 or email


Benefits, Payroll and Retirement Operations