Kudos! Four employees spotlighted in The Seattle Times’ Women in the Trades feature

Women in the Trades portrait seriesFour King County employees were featured in The Seattle Times’ portrait series “Women in the Trades,” a look into Puget Sound’s hardworking women.

Mari Jane Friel (pictured right) and Liesel Brus with Road Services Division, and Kate Osborn and  Stacey Walker with Wastewater Treatment Division, spoke about their jobs in what have been traditionally male fields, and what they love about their work.

“I love what I do,’’ Friel, a laborer with Road Services Division, said. “It’s something different every day.”

Brus, a Truck Driver with Road Services Division, said “[t]here was hardly any women drivers when I started. A lot of the other guys, some of them resented me. I’ve always been outspoken, so I put them in their place. I got respect for that.”

Osborn was the only woman industrial maintenance engineer at Wastewater Treatment Division’s West Point Treatment Plant for 21 years until Walker joined the team in April, and is happy to have another woman at the facility.

“I miss having other women to relate to. Women think differently than men. We bring a lot of analytical ability to the job and different things that are wonderful,” Osborn said.

See the full series on The Seattle Times’ website.